Our Global Manufacturing Expertise

Beck Industries are a world class manufacturer and distributor of fully certified safety critical bolting solutions from ASTM stud bolts to nuclear reactor studs.  We have more than 100 years of experience, 10 locations around the world, a large and flexible manufacturing capacity and an extensive stockholding inventory.

All the key manufacturing processes, such as forging, heat treatment, thread-rolling, surface treatment, machining, testing, are performed in-house in order to guarantee the integrity of our products. Our 10 locations are all self-dependent with their own stock, manufacturing capacity and highly skilled people so that you will always benefit from the best service available in the market.

We have the largest product range in all dimensions and grades and in any standards as well (ASTM, DIN, ASME, RCCM …). All our materials are certified HIGH INTEGRITY – “so there is no compromise on quality – ever!

Our manufacturing capabilities

Hot forge bolts manufactured from M16 to M100

Kasto saws
Induction heat forging
Thread rolling
Heat Treatment
Raw material
Automated forging
Hot forged bolts

Cold forge bolts manufactured from M16 to M36

Raw material
Drawing coil
Cold forged bolts
Thread rolling

Studs M8 to M80

Customer specials
CNC machining
Stud bolting
Thread rolling
Stud markings