Machining Capabilities

We use our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to automate tools that manufacture our studs through the use of pre-programmed machine control sequences.

The advantages of our CNC machines in comparison to conventional machining methods are numerous. CNC machines have higher levels of automation and produce repeatable products whilst increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness across the board.

Our extensive CNC machining capability enables us to offer precision-engineered products from large and small scale batches to low-volume components across a wide range of industries and applications.

Our comprehensive machining centres, in combination with a wealth of engineering experience, allow us to offer a world class service for all your machining requirements.

Our CNC Machining & Thread rolling size range capabilities are as follows:

  • Cutting Diameter – 300mm / 12.00” Maximum
  • Machining bar diameter – 6mm / 0.25” thru 300mm / 12.00”
  • Machining thread diameter – M3 / 1/8” thru M200 / 8.00”
  • Machining length – Up to 6,000mm
  • Thread rolling diameter – M3 / 1/8” thru M200 / 8.00”
  • Thread rolling length – Up to 6,000mm

Our clients in the power generation, petrochemical, subsea, oil, gas and nuclear industries, have exacting standards that are essential to the safety of their projects and that is why they are safe in the knowledge that pour products meet their  expectations all the time.


We carry out all processes, such as straightening, polishing, grinding or even gearings, in our own production facilities.