Capability & Capacity

With a wide range of capabilities and the capacity to match, Beck Industries are able to meet the demands of the global energy, oil and petrochemical industries, whilst ensuring the manufacture of high quality and fully traceable high strength fasteners.

Threaded Components

Our thread-rolling manufacturing capability allows us to roll components up to 7” diameter, including internal die manufacture. In addition, all products are available with a wide variety of resistant finishes to prevent corrosion.

Specialist Machined Components

Using our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can deliver bespoke specialised machined components to customers’ requirements and drawings.

Material Grades

With a full material range, we are able to meet the requirements for our customers in a variety of industries. Our material ranges include: A453 Grade 660 ABCD , 718, Inconel, Durehete, Nimonics™ and AISI 4340.

ASTM and ASME standards

All material grades available are released to both ASTM and ASME Standards. This ensures all materials are manufactured to industry standards and the quality of the components has not been compromised.

Machining Capability

We have over 200 CNC lathes, 60 thread-rolling benches, 12 manual forging presses and 2 automated forging units.

Riser Bolt Manufacture

Riser bolts are special high strength fasteners with demanding metallurgical and physical properties. We are one of the few suppliers able to manufacture the components out of materials such as AISI 4340.

Plating and Coating

We offer a wide range of platings and coatings for high strength fasteners to ensure your components are durable and protected from corrosion.

This includes heat treatment and testing, shot blasting, PTFE (anti-corrosion coatings), Hot Dip Galvanising, Phosphate, Molykote, Zinc Nickel, and Zinc Plating.

Accredited Laboratories

Our in-house ISO 17025 independently accredited Laboratory is equipped with the very best testing equipment and inspection procedures. All products are rigorously scrutinised prior to dispatch to ensure quality standards are met and well documented. Third party inspection can be arranged with any of the leading agencies, including Lloyds, TUV and DNV.


With more than 5,000 tonnes of raw materials and finished products held in stock, we can deliver components at unbeatable lead times. We also work in partnership with our clients to maintain an inventory of customer specific parts to enhance our service to them.